Affiliate Program

It is a lifetime commission system that allows users to generate commissions for as long as they use it.

Refer clients and affiliates to receive a lifetime commissions!

In coordination with our affiliate provider, opening an account is free!
You can receive a lifetime commission for every introduced user who starts using imove.
Additionally, if your referral becomes an affiliate and starts introducing clients, you will experience a 2-Tier reward system that allows you to continuously generate additional commissions for a lifetime!

  • Permanent compensation

    Permanent Compensation

    We launched a commission system that can last for a lifetime. This allows our affiliates to obtain a permanent reward from their referrals’ continuous usage of imove.

  • 2ティア

    2-Tier System

    If your referred affiliate introduces another user in imove, who starts using the service, you can receive a 2nd tiered commission from this usage.

  • A variety of high-priced reward programs

    Various High Reward Programs

    Our affiliate provider has an exclusive partnership with advertisers who offer high rewards not found in other Affiliate Service Providers.

  • Support multi-language

    Multi-Language Support

    A selection of multiple languages is available in the web interface, to cater to affiliates of different nationalities.

Reward simulation

imove transaction fees and affiliate commission

Quick Personal Business Affiliate fee
Monthly Maintenance - - $5 15%
Withdrawal Fiat currency: -
Cryptocurrency: 1%
Fiat currency: 1.5%
※ Minimum $ 50
Cryptocurrency: 0.5%
Fiat currency: 1.25%
※ Minimum $ 50
Cryptocurrency: 0.4%
Transfers within imove 1.00% 0.30% 0.20% 15%
Card loading Fee - 1.8%
※ Minimum $ 10
※ Minimum $ 10
Monthly Maintenance
Quick -
personal -
Business $5
Affiliate fee 15%
Quick Fiat currency: -
Cryptocurrency: 1%
personal Fiat currency: 1.5%
※ Minimum $ 50
Cryptocurrency: 0.5%
Business Fiat currency: 1.25%
※ Minimum $ 50
Cryptocurrency: 0.4%
Affiliate fee 15%
Transfers within imove
Quick 1.00%
personal 0.30%
Business 0.20%
Affiliate fee 15%
Card loading Fee
Quick -
personal 1.8%
※ Minimum $ 10
Business 1.8%
※ Minimum $ 10
Affiliate fee 15%

Sample renumeration

Example of introducing user with Business imove account

1 user
Estimated annual fee per user
Monthly maintenance fee × $0.75 × 12 months
Transfers within imove × $0.03 ※1 × 20 times per month × 12 months
Bank transfer withdrawal × $7.5 ※2 × 2 times per month × 12 months
Card Loading × $2.7 ※3 × 1 time per month × 12 months
Annual commission

$ 228.6

※1 The transfers within imove are calculated with a value of $100 for every transaction and with a business account type fee of 0.2%
※2 The value is calculated at $50 which is the minimum withdrawal fee for every transaction.
※3 The card loading amount is calculated with a value of $1000 for every transaction and with a business account type fee of 1.8%.

Ad format

  • Personal banner

    Available size:

    Available size: 300x250 | 728x90 | 468x60 | 300x600 | 970x250

    Banner description:

    Aside from offering a service which affiliates can use, we have prepared advertisement banners of various sizes which you can copy and paste or post in your social media platforms.

  • GIF banner

    Because animated GIF images are more eye-catching than general banners, the click rate among users is comparatively higher.

  • Video banner

    Movie banners are becoming increasingly popular with affiliates. Because moving pictures are more visually appealing than ordinary letters, the engagement rate among affiliates is very high.

We offer many partnerships and programs promising high compensation.

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