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Business Account

The best international account for global business.
You may receive and manage payments, and make sales transactions in a centralized way.
Cryptocurrency transfers and exchanges are also available within imove’s Business Account.

Business Wire Service

Business account can remit money using various remittance channels in imove.
And because you can have an IBAN account in your name, you can also correspond to business partners who are required to deposit / withdraw money in their own name
If you have a Business account, you can do business around the world.

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Multi-currencies & various deposit and withdrawal

imove's Business Account is a multi-currency account. There are various payment and withdrawal methods available.

In global business that knows no borders, we often pay in foreign currency. If you have a multi-currency account, you may choose the currency that matches it counterpart, so there is no loss as regards the exchange rate.

With a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, payment from a third party can be done smoothly and conveniently.

Corporate Prepaid Card

Prepaid card of international brand is ideal for business.

It is an international brand prepaid card that you can top-up immediately from imove’s account balance.

You can use it for withdrawal via any ATM or POS system (when doing in-store shopping, for instance) and make online payments anywhere in the world. You can also check your balance and usage history in imove.

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Multi-Channel Processing

We have introduced a variety of payment methods supported by imove.
We can prepare various payment solutions such as credit card payments, crypto payment solutions covering cryptocurrency settlement, and other forms of electronic money settlement.
Settlement contents from Merchant's customers are put on imove's business account.


Credit card


Electronic money



Your Company

imove allows you to make various international settlement transactions.


Payment API

It is a service that will allow you to settle in imove within your site. By incorporating imove into your site using the API, we can offer end users and users the means of settlement using the balance of imove account.

If end users or members use imove settlement in your site, sales will be reflected in your imove Business Account in real time.


What is an escrow service?

An escrow service coordinates the purchase and sale entered into between individuals by facilitating the payment and delivery of goods, for example, between an exhibitor (seller) and a successful bidder (buyer) at an Internet auction or a free-form site.

The escrow service introduced by imove makes it easy to deal with global currency when using imove accounts for sending and receiving payments. We assist customers who want to expand their businesses using our global escrow service. These may include companies considering buying and selling goods between individuals, or those involved in the management of net auctions.

Even if the buyer (the highest bidder) does not approve the completion of a transaction (such as the receipt of goods), payment will be processed automatically if it exceeds 90 days.

We assure the safety of our clients' assets and reduce, if not eliminate, the risks involved in overseas transactions.

You may decide who will bear the fee: the seller or the buyer.

The transaction fee is only 0.5%. You can trade without having to worry about burdening users.


There is a growing need to use cryptocurrency as a corporate asset. With imove's affiliated services, you can smoothly mass purchase and exchange cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies Exchange

OTC service

Although the maximum transaction volume is usually determined by the exchange, you can buy and sell in large amounts and trade a huge amount of cryptocurrencies by using the OTC service (an affiliated service of imove). You need not divide the transaction several times.

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Cryptocurrenies Converter

Cryptocurrency exchange office

You can exchange your preferred amount of cryptocurrency any time by using the cryptocurrency exchange office provided by iLexExchange (a service partner of imove). This service is free.

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imove allows you to make various international settlement transactions.

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