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Prepaid card

imove prepaid card

International prepaid cards of known brands offer further convenience with regard to the global needs of customers.
An international prepaid card is linked to imove. The card is charged from imove’s funds and can be used to withdraw from any ATM,
You can also use it for in-store or online shopping.
imove's prepaid card can be used anywhere in the world without having to choose a region or country.

Cryptocurrency cash-out Store settlement Direct charging from imove High usage limit International brand Multi-currency Local currency withdrawal

A prepaid card for cryptocurrency that can be used anywhere in the world

Multi-currency cards that can be charged from your cryptocurrency and fiat currency imove balance.
Enjoy the advantage of ZERO exchange fees when you use your card’s currency with the same currency withdrawal and purchase.
Additional currencies will be added in the future


Maximum Transaction Amount per Transaction $3,000
Maximum Transaction Amount per Month * $10,000
Maximum Usage Allowed per Hour * 5
Maximum Usage Allowed per Day * 20
Maximum Amount Limit per Load $8,000
Maximum Load Limit per Month $10,000

* Including ATM withdrawal and online or POS shopping
* Currencies other than USD are equivalent to the above limit.
(Example: for JPY, if the limit is USD 3000, then 3000* exchange rate = about JPY 330,000)
* During ATM withdrawal, if you can’t withdraw before you reach transaction limit, it’s probably because ATM’s limit setting itself, please try on other ATM.


ATM Withdrawal $5.00
POS/Online Purchase $1.20
Foreign Exchange (FX) Rate Rate specified by the bank and ATM
Load/Deposit Fee USD:Min Of $10 Max Of 1.8%
JPY: Min Of ¥1200 Max Of 1.8%
Lost/Stolen Card Replacement Fee $19.00

Customers with imove accounts can be issued prepaid cards immediately.