We invite you to join imove Partnership program and share in its success as we help you pursue your global business objectives.

What is the Partnership program?
It is a system that seeks to forge an alliance between our company and the business community in our effort to propel regional expansion, and set up marketing and customer support-related initiatives.

Find business opportunities with us!

Because imove aims to create value in the business community through various collaborations, it seeks the following partner types:

Bank, Remitter

For seven years, we have established good relations with banks, remittance agents, payment providers, systems companies and card vendors all over the world.
The money infrastructure we have built over many years covers many remittance and settlement methods.
Providing transboundary remittance & settlement solutions is our forte on which we have built our reputation over many years.
Come join this influential money infrastructure community!

Marketing & Sales Partner

We are looking for marketing & sales partners all over the world.
It is expanding while constantly promoting product development (systems development) and its services.
We have successfully introduced a partner system and have deployed it all over the world.
Join us as a marketing/sales partner and be a part of a win-win business venture.


Anyone can join our Affiliate Program. Remuneration will be credited to your imove account when you introduce a user.

As long as the users (who introduced us) continue to use our services, our Affiliate Program will compensate you for a lifetime.

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