Fees and limits

The fee for imove and prepaid cards is relatively low per industry standards. Importance is placed more on being multifunctional rather than on being competitive.


Quick Personal Business
Account opening fee - - -
Monthly maintenance fee - - $5
imove deposit - - -
transfers within imove 1% 0.30% 0.20%
Bank transfer withdrawal - Fiat currency: 1.5% (Minimum $50)
Cryptocurrency: 0.5%
Fiat currency: 1.25% (Minimum $ 50)
Cryptocurrency: 0.4%
Card loading fee - 1.8% (Minimum $10) 1.8% (Minimum $10)

Credit limit

Quick Personal Business
imove maximum deposit amount to account Without limit Without limit Without limit
Maximum amount of withdrawal from imove account per day
(Fiat currency only)
- 50K USD 50K USD
Utilization limit Total $1000 ※1 Without limit Without limit

※1 Withdrawals, bank transfers, Exchange is applicable

imove allows you to make various international settlement transactions.

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