Settlement Solutions

A variety of settlement methods in international business with only one contract

Characteristics of imove's payment solution

It is a payment solution that emphasizes safety and convenience.
Having established its presence in the financial industry for many years, imove adequately responds to the various needs of merchants.
It provides various means of currency settlement. Its system design boasts the highest standard of safety and risk monitoring/avoidance, assuring merchants not to worry about the cost.

The world's best payment platform

PCI - DSS level 1 authentication

A redundant data center that ensures optimal availability and real-time fail-over

Multilingual support
(English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese)

Connection method

API specifications are on hand so you can incorporate them into your website or system.
Our system engineers can support you with regard to the integration of the API by e-mail or telephone.
You can entrust to us all relevant aspects of system development.

Risk and fraud management

Card payments are vulnerable to fraud.
Because keeping a business safe and stable is important for merchants,
we put a premium on risk avoidance and guide them with regard to selecting payment solutions

imove's policy list

Thorough checking of internal risks
Potentially fake cards can be screened in real time.
It supports MSC (MasterCard Secure Code), VbV (Verified-by-VISA), AMEX SafeKey.
We issue preliminary alerts about the possibility of dealings aimed at charge back. imove has an operating system that makes these dealings as close to 0 as possible.

Supported channel list
You can settle in cryptocurrency and it will be reflected in your imove account.

imove provides trendy settlement methods covering bank settlement, credit cards, cryptocurrency settlement, and Wallet settlement worldwide.
We seek to be the card of choice handling many channels.

We accept settlement from the world's two largest credit card brands.
It can be settled in cryptocurrency and reflected in your business account.
We are also handling settlement from major banks all over the world, especially for many European channels, other regions are also under development.
Collaboration with various solutions including 2 top class payment solutions in China
Why not introduce a variety of payment methods including cryptocurrency?