imove Terms and Conditions

Thank you for registering as a user in the Payment service of ANDEX LLC.

The following terms and conditions (these “terms and conditions”) constitute the agreement (the “Terms and Conditions”) between you (hereafter refers to as “User”, “you”) and ANDEX LLC (hereafter refers to as “ANDEX”, “we”) regarding our payment service operated via imove platform.

By registering to be our user and accepting these terms and conditions, you indicate your agreement to the Terms and Conditions herein.

We may modify these terms and conditions at any time at our sole discretion, by posting on our imove platform a notice of a change of terms. Your continued use of our service following such change will constitute your agreement to the updated terms and conditions. If any modification is unacceptable to you, your sole recourse is to terminate this agreement. Due to the above, we advise you to frequently visit the imove platform and review the terms and conditions.

A. Definitions

The terms below are to be understood as follows:

1. ANDEX LLC: which is incorporated under the Georgia laws, holds Payment Service Provider license.
2. imove platform: imove is our core product which is directly related to our payment services. The following may be implemented by way of imove: Money-in Solution, Internal Transfers to other imove users, Transfer to Bank, Cryptocurrency Payout, Currency Exchange, Cryptocurrency Exchange, full integration between the imove and the prepaid card and other money services. All this can be done by logging into one’s online account. This refers to the account which imove offers at the website
3. imove official website:, or the website provided on our official website’s subdomain.
4. User: Individuals or corporations who receive the services of imove now or in the future. As for corporations, this means authorised owners of applicable companies, shareholders, directors or executives who influence management of the corporation as well as corporate representatives authorized to use the corporation`s imove.
5. Third Party: refers to a party apart from ANDEX and User, who is related to services described in this terms and conditions, including but not limited to service supplier, financial institution and other corporate or individual.
6. imove Account: refers to “imove”, there are three kinds of Account, quick account, personal account and business account.
7. Internal transfer: which is a channel of electronic funds transfer from one imove account to another imove account on the imove Platform.
8. Transfer to Bank: which is a method of electronic funds transfer from imove platform to bank or other financial institutions.
9. Cryptocurrency Payout: refers to transfer Cryptocurrency from imove platform to other e-wallets of another financial platform.
10. Foreign exchange: refers to the quotation of the relative value of a currency unit against the unit of another currency in the foreign exchange market.
11. Cryptocurrency exchange: refers to which is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.
12. Money-in Solution: refers to various ways of depositing money into imove account.
13. KYC: refers to Know Your Client which is the process of a business verifying the identity of ANDEX’s users and assessing potential risks of illegal intentions for the business relationship.
14. KYB: refers to Know Your Business which is the due diligence review of your business and industry when reviewed against Money Laundering.
15. Username: the Email address determined by the user when logging into imove, used for identification purposes.
16. Password: A password (letters and numbers) determined by the User when logging into imove, used for identification purposes. We also use the 2FA Code Verification which is set a second password in designated function. The 2FA Code will be displayed in an APP and automatically update from time to time.
17. “Registered Email”: the User shall provide an Email address which shall be as the registered email of one account when applying for the imove service.

B. Account Structure

1. imove consists of products and services of the following:
・Card account,
・Currency exchange,
・Money transfer,
・Other money services.

2. imove is provided as an integrated service including those above. These services are available to quick account, personal account and business account. ANDEX offers only one account per user, and allows only a unique registered Email per account. Business Account has more functions than personal account, including but not limited to more currency, less transaction limit and other VIP treatment. Quick account is default for imove account opening application and has limited function of imove. User can file for upgrading account online by completing user profile and submitting additional supportive documents. ANDEX, at its sole discretion, have right to approve or reject the upgrading application.

3. All imove users are required to abide by imove terms and conditions for each product and service.

4. We have the authority to reject imove account opening without stating any reason to the Users. Moreover, we have the authority to restrict or suspend a User´s imove transactions at its own discretion under applicable laws or the policy of financial institution.

C. Card account

imove user can deposit money into the prepaid card designated by ANDEX on the imove platform. User shall ensure his/her imove account has enough balance to conduct linkage between imove account and card account. User agrees that he/she shall provide any KYC materials under the requirements of Card scheme, Card Issuer, Card Authority and bank within designated period, User shall take all responsibilities for losses and damages caused from incomplete materials, including but not limited to close card account, suspend or terminate linkage between imove account and card account.
Your Card account may be terminated due to the Card business policy changed by Card Scheme, Card Issuer and Card Authority under applicable laws and regulations, in such case ANDEX will try our best to notify you in advance, and provide you the refund depending on the refund policy of Card Issuer.
You warrant that Card account shall comply with the applicable laws and shall not conduct any illegal activities; we, at our discretion, have right to terminate your card account due to your illegal activities at any time.

D. Currency exchange

If you comply with these Terms, ANDEX grants you the limited right to access the Site of providing service related to Fiat exchange and cryptocurrency exchange. The right to access the Site is a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited license, and it is subject to the limitations and obligations. Nothing in these Terms gives you any license (other than as set out in this paragraph), right, title, or ownership of, in, or to the Site or any of the Services.

i. Foreign exchange:
We provide the relative value of a currency unit against the unit of another currency on the imove platform under the foreign exchange market. If you disagree with the exchange rate provided by the rate provider, you can terminate the exchange; when you complete the exchange, that means you have agreed the exchange rate, you shall not request to cancel the completed exchange.
You agree that the exchange rate may be changed under marketing development, authority policy and applicable laws, so any exchange transaction shall be done with your intention, you shall be responsible for any losses and damages from the exchange and all gains and losses sustained from your use of the Platform.

ii. Cryptocurrency exchange
The platform is a trading environment for cryptocurrency exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat money against cryptocurrency. The Platform permits both unfinanced and financed transactions. Unfinanced purchases are fully funded by trading participants through funds deposited by you. Whether in an unfinanced transaction or a financed transaction, are settled by actual delivery of the full amount by the seller to the purchaser’s account against payment in full by the purchaser to the seller’s account.
You are solely responsible and liable for all trading and non-trading activity on the Platform and for your account on the Platform; and, for knowing the true status of any position or contract with any other party on the Platform. You acknowledge and agree to: be fully responsible and liable for your trading and non-trading actions and inactions on the Platform and all gains and losses sustained from your use of the Platform and any of the Services; to be responsible for any negative balance in your account(s) on the Platform; to be fully responsible and liable for all of your obligations with respect to any financing activities on the Platform; and, to be fully responsible for safeguarding access to, and any information provided through, the Platform and any of the Services, including, but not limited to, private keys, usernames, passwords, and bank account details.
User may access the imove platform to inquire about the exchange rate which is real-time exchange rate provided by provider; the settlement will be executed depending the exchange policy of provider.
User acknowledges and agrees that
(i) Once exchange settlement is completed, the transaction cannot be canceled.
(ii) The final exchange amount shall be notified to your registered email when completing exchange.
(iii) The cryptocurrency exchange cost is floated, it may be adjusted by provider according to the marketing policy.
(iv) The settlement currency and settlement period shall be provided by provider under its exchange policy.
(v) ANDEX only provides the cryptocurrency exchange gateway to User, User shall be responsible for all losses and damages from cryptocurrency exchange service.

iii. You agree that limits to the exchange amounts processed through imove will be determined by the bank, applicable laws and authority policy.

E. Money transfer

i. Internal Transfer
Internal Transfer refers to the money transfer between account users.
User shall transfer fund to the account of platform designated by User, ANDEX shall not be responsible for the losses and damages from transferring fund to the undesignated account.

ii. Transfer to Bank
Transfer to Bank refers to the Money transfer of funds from ANDEX to bank or financial institutions other than those which ANDEX is affiliated with.
You shall remit fund to your bank account or connectivity card account.

ANDEX reserves the right to cancel the Money transfer without notifying clients in advance due to the remittance countries, remittance purpose, the beneficiary’s identity and anything else related to the Money transfer deemed as high risk in accordance to the guidelines of AML and Counter-Terrorism statutes issued by FATF and the regulations of other financial institutions establishing partnership with ANDEX.

ANDEX reserves the right to cancel at its own discretion any Transfer to Bank without notification to you in the case of a request for money to be remitted to high risk countries or regions according to guidelines issued by FATF.

iii. Cryptocurrency Payout
Cryptocurrency Payout refers to transfer Cryptocurrency from imove platform to e-wallets of another financial platform.
In case of your beneficiary account cannot receive the Cryptocurrency due to the incorrect or incomplete payment information, ANDEX won’t be liable for your loss and you shall bear any and all losses and damages.
The transaction limit shall be designated by the Beneficiary financial institution. In case of exceeding the limit, the transaction will be suspended. You acknowledge and agree that you shall be responsible for losses and damages from exceeding the limit.
You acknowledge and agree that
(i) Once Cryptocurrency Payout is completed, the transaction cannot be canceled.
(ii) You shall bear all cost and fee produced from the Cryptocurrency Payout, your account must have enough balance to conduct Cryptocurrency Payout.
(iii) The settlement period and settlement method shall be determined by your beneficiary financial institution.
(iv) We only provide the gateway to you; your beneficiary financial institution shall be responsible for all losses and damages from Cryptocurrency Payout.

iv. Should there be any discrepancies between the exchange rate generated from the site of exchange rate provider issued on the imove platform and the exchange rate generated from actual operation; ANDEX will deposit the incoming Money transfer to the User’s imove account in accordance with the exchange rates issued on the imove Platform.

v. You must enter the correct information for transfer within your accounts, internal transfer, Transfer to Bank, Cryptocurrency Payout and transfer to affiliated institutions. When you request Transfer to Bank, the beneficiary account can only be selected form the bank information verified by ANDEX in advance. If the beneficiary account belongs to the third party, you shall submit the third party’s KYC documents and other relevant documents required by ANDEX. Users will be requested to click on the submit button after entering their required information items. After the execution of the transfer’s requests, Users are to consent that they do not have the right to make objections whatsoever and that the transfers are solvent. ANDEX does not have any liability to its Users even if the execution of their requests should fail or be postponed because of errors or defaults due to their request information.

vi. User shall ensure that there is enough balance in imove account to pay the transaction cost; otherwise, the Money transfer may be rejected by ANDEX from time to time without prior notice. Such Money transfer will be refunded to User’s imove account.
You open to making use of internal transfer, Transfer to Bank, Cryptocurrency Payout or transfer to affiliates under the limit of transaction amount per day or per transaction. ANDEX reserves the right to change transaction limits without prior notice to you.
Internal transfer, Transfer to Bank, Cryptocurrency Payout and transfer to affiliated corporations cannot be cancelled once a User´s request is completed.

vii. Users can check their transaction history of internal transfer, Money request, Transfer to Bank, Cryptocurrency Payout, etc., on imove user interface. Furthermore, Users are to inform imove when they cannot view the screen or there is some error in the transaction information after transaction requests were made. Users are to agree to the condition that transaction requests are not always processed right after the request or within the same day that requests are made.

F. Identification

For individual Customer, Customer must be at least 18 years old, or such higher age required by applicable law, to register for an account; for corporate Customer, Customer must be a solely and legal entity to operate its business under applicable law.

ANDEX will need confirmation of all User identification documents in applications for an imove account, adhering to identification procedures considered necessary, including information of a User’s name, address, date of birth, gender and sometimes also other information. In the event of default or false information, or when ANDEX should consider it necessary for other reasons, ANDEX reserves the authority to reject the opening of an imove account or to close it at ANDEX’s own discretion. ANDEX also reserves the authority to request identification documents from a User when cash as well as non-cash settlements if the amount of the transaction or the series of transactions exceeds USD 10,000 (or its equivalent in other currency), domestic and/or cross-border operations amount exceeds USD 500 (or its equivalent in other currency) and/or the transaction is suspicious regardless its amount.

ANDEX may request additional identification documents at any stage of imove use, i.e. from the opening of an imove account till after its termination. ANDEX will contact Users through a User’s registered Email address or phone number.
ANDEX does not cover any loss or damages whatsoever that a User might suffer through a User faulty identification procedure, imove account freezing or termination.

User’s Personal data which includes account info, KYC documents, KYB documents and other personal Data can be viewed and updated through imove, which are protected by a password. User agrees that under the applicable money laundering legislation and applicable laws, User’s Personal data cannot be deleted and transmitted, it will be stored in imove’s servers during the agreement period and after the end of the relationship.

ANDEX will take appropriate security measures to protect Personal Data. ANDEX will ensure that Personal Data is adequately protected against unauthorized or accidental access, processing, erasure, or use by other people without authority. imove platform adopts industrial standard encryption SSL technology and a cutting-edge firewall platform to effectively prevent unauthorized access and fully safeguard User’s information from data theft. ANDEX uses reliable servers that meet the security standards to store User’s Personal Data. Fully aware of the importance of Personal data, only especially authorized staff within ANDEX’s permission have access to User’s personal data.

G. Dormant Account

If User does not make a transaction for 6 months, an Account Management Fee shall be incurred. “Transaction” includes internal transfer, Transfer to Bank, Cryptocurrency Payout, currency exchange, card transactions and other transactions by way of imove. Only log-in into imove will not count as a transaction. Administrative fees will be listed in the Fee Schedule separated from this page.

H. imove Fees

Fee schedule associated with imove are determined separate from this Terms and Conditions. The fee details are described on a separate page. ANDEX reserves the authority to determine fees, to revise and renew them, and to withdraw fees from any currency account at any time under applicable laws and regulations. A User shall continuously monitor the renewal or revision of fees. Renewals or revisions of the Fee Schedule will continuously be updated on ANDEX’s official website and this terms and conditions. Should a User not cancel an imove account after the renewal or revision of the Fee Schedule on the official website of ANDEX, ANDEX will assume that the User agrees to the revised or renewed fees.

I. Additional fees and supporting documents for Money transfer

ANDEX provides its services under strict regulations by the financial authorities. The User agrees and acknowledges that in case of a one-time transfer of a single account, with an amount more than the set limit, additional fees will apply under the terms and conditions set by the provider; and may need additional supportive documents for confirmation purposes, as well as incur additional transaction fees, depending on transaction type, area, applicable laws and bank requirements. For the lack of supportive documents within 2 weeks, the transfer may be canceled at ANDEX’s own discretion. An individual account and a corporate account are two separate accounts, and will therefore not be regarded as one.
User agrees and acknowledges that ANDEX shall not be held responsible for any losses or damages caused by any delays/cancellations of any transfer due to conditions related to the legal field mentioned above.

J. Support Services and Business hours

The support services of transactions will be carried out on ANDEX’s business days by ANDEX via Email or dialog box on imove official website. Requests of support services submitted outside business hours (From Am10:00- Pm18:30 GTM+8 except for weekends and the public holidays of Georgia) and will be carried out on the next business day.
Transaction hours at imove platform will be 24 hours per day, every day of the week. However, ANDEX reserves right to change the transaction hours of imove platform services according to actual business development, and applicable law. ANDEX does not have any liability for any loss or damages caused by platform failure, repair or maintenance without prior notice, regardless of reason.

K. Refund

ANDEX will follow specific procedures of compensation should a refund balance in favour of the User occur. imove has the right to make decisions whether the current case should be refunded when the total amount of refund exceeds the amount of refund requested by ANDEX. ANDEX shall accept no liability to a User for the costs and responsibilities incurred by a dispute caused when there are disputes between a User requesting a refund and a third party.
In case of User provides the incorrect information or insufficient supportive documents required by ANDEX to cause trading failure, ANDEX will refund such fund within 90 days by the time this failure notification reaches to ANDEX.

L. Retention of Records Regarding a User’s Identity and Transactions

All documents and records regarding a User’s identity and transactions should be kept throughout the whole business relationship with the User and for a period of six years after its termination.

M. Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Terrorist Financing

In accordance with guidelines on AML/CFT issued by FATF, imove will disclose its information if requested by lawful authorities for combating anti-money laundering and anti- terrorist financing.
ANDEX will conduct its business in conformity with the highest ethical standards in the countries in which it does business, and will adhere to all their laws and regulations pertaining to financial organizations. It is vital for all ANDEX customers, agents, employees and associates to fully understand all measures that may violate applicable AML or counter-terrorism statutes.
ANDEX has the right to request relevant legal documentation or to assist in the investigation from Users regarding Money-in solution and Money Transfer. If User refuses to assist in the investigation or to provide the legal documentations, ANDEX has the right to refuse or limit the transactions of a User. ANDEX has no obligation whatsoever to compensate or owe any responsibility to such a User. ANDEX may suspend trades or cancel an imove account at its own discretion in accordance with demands from legal authorities concerning money laundering, terrorist financing, criminal cases and such. ANDEX does not have the responsibility to compensate for losses incurred by this.
On the contrary, a User will be responsible for indemnifying any loss or damages incurred on imove account for the User’s unlawful activity.

N. Cancellation

A User may cancel imove account or its subsidiary products in accordance with this terms and conditions to terminate this agreement. Users are required to submit any document imove deems necessary in a cancellation. Costs generated by cancellation shall be paid by Users.

ANDEX has the sole right to cancel an imove account without prior notification to a User in the following instances:
a) If ANDEX should find a non-existent account user, or if an imove account should have been opened without the account user´s assent;
b) If there is false information on the opening of an imove account, or if the information should seem suspicious;
c) In the case of a third party technically using a User's imove account, or, regardless the purpose, a third party should submit another person's e-mail address or information to open an imove account;
d) If an imove User should have violated a law, or public order or morality, or is under police investigation for any of this;
e) If the imove user should no longer be alive;
f) If a User should breach this terms and conditions;
g) If ANDEX should decide that a User should be forced to cancel the imove account;
h) If a User should prove to be involved in illegal groups, anti-social group or has any relationship with them;
i) If a User should commit any of the following acts:
i. Violent demands
ii. Demands out of bounds of the law
iii. Threats or violence
iv. Attempting to harm ANDEX’s publicity or interfering with ANDEX’s business activities by spreading false information or using fraudulent means.
v. Any action equivalent to (1) to (4) above.

A User is responsible for fees associated with ANDEX’s cancellation in the cases above. ANDEX is not responsible for any loss or damages the user might suffer because of cancellation due to violation of the conditions of this section.

O. Property Inheritance

In the event of death of an imove user, the individual account shall be canceled as described in section N. The funds of the account shall be transferred to the account of an inheritor who must provide legal documents to prove the demise of the account user and the inheritor´s relationship to the account user.
ANDEX may at its own discretion freeze an individual user till ANDEX has received proof of the account user´s demise and the inheritor´s relationship to the account user. When ANDEX receives these documentations, ANDEX shall transfer the remaining funds on the imove platform to an account appointed by the inheritor and close the original account.
In the event of death of the account representative of a corporation user, the corporation shall provide ANDEX with a warrant of attorney for a new account representative. ANDEX will then register this, and transfer authorization of the ANDEX to this new person.
ANDEX will only conduct a formal checking of the legal documents provided by an inheritor or a relevant third party and shall not have responsibility of any virtual checking; so ANDEX shall not be responsible for loss or damages caused by false information provided by inheritor or the relevant third party.
ANDEX has the right to collect the transaction fees incurred by property inheritance.

P. Prohibiting Disposition and Pledge

A User is not permitted to authorize any third party to make use of an imove account or of its services, or to give an imove account or its services in pledge.

Q. Process of (Registered) Information Changes

A User shall notify ANDEX of updates on the registered information if a User should lose the imove Username or Password, or if there are changes in the registered information such as name (corporation name), address (office address), phone number, mobile phone number, E-mail address, or any other changed information thereafter. A User shall provide information and documentation of such changes to ANDEX under the requirement of CDD.
ANDEX may notify or send transaction records to a User’s registered Email address and name as provided in the application information of the User. ANDEX shall be entitled to limit a User’s imove account usage when ANDEX receives those notifications or documents in return. This measure will also be taken if a registered Email address should prove invalid.
ANDEX has no responsibility for loss or damages a User may have caused due to the User´s failure on notifying ANDEX in time.
Delay or refusal of post or Emails to a registered address or Email address may occur due to User conduct or delivery fault. But ANDEX shall always assume that post or Emails are delivered within normal time. ANDEX does not hold any responsibilities regarding any loss or damages caused by such failure of delivery.

R. Matters Related to Disclaimer

ANDEX will carry out its Users’ imove transactions through affiliations with other banks with caution. Transactions executed by a User’s imove account will be assumed as (trades) executed by its lawful user, which means that ANDEX has no liability for any loss or damages caused by fraudulent users, access abuse or other cases of abuse regardless of characteristic. ANDEX also has no liability to its Users regarding causes beyond its control, such as forced transfer, war, disaster, riot, economic sanctions, legal restrictions or orders. The same goes for effects from deliberate or delinquent accidents, defaults, or bankruptcies of affiliated financial organizations, or orders from legal authorities. ANDEX also accepts no responsibility for loss or damages because of failure of service to Users due to technical faults in communication equipment, lines, servers, software or outages. A User will agree to ANDEX’s transaction value records as correct unless there is evident discrepancy between ANDEX’s User record and a User’s own record proved by written documentation of transaction records. ANDEX will assume a User has agreed to the trading history of the User’s imove account as correct when there is no notification by Users within 14 days from imove’s presentation of trade history data.
ANDEX’s bank accounts or other money transfer information may be changed over time due to strategic adjustments of the company. Any change will be posted on the User’s imove platform, after login: The User acknowledges that he/she must confirm the transfer information before transferring funds to or from ANDEX. Should the User fail to confirm any transfer information which results in a failed Money Transfer, ANDEX shall not take any responsibility for any loss or damages caused from such case.

ANDEX does not deal with changes or cancellation of executed transactions after the execution date.

S. Username and Password

A User will have to setup username and passwords in the imove platform with application.
A User must log into imove by using Username, Login Password to get access to the imove platform and transaction history, etc. For Money Transfer within the imove platform, Users are required to enter their password to log in.
ANDEX identifies a User based on their Username and Passwords as registered in the imove platform. ANDEX will assume imove accounts to be accessed by its lawful users if Username and Passwords match the registered information. ANDEX has no liability whatsoever to its Users to cover the loss or damages when Username and Passwords are fabricated, forged, stolen, abused or is under any other violation. Users are to consent to the identification procedure as stated in this article and protect their login information of imove without presenting it to a third party. Users shall contact ANDEX immediately if Username and Passwords are in jeopardy.
To secure your account information and funds, you can choose to set 2FA Code Verification in designated function such as login, money transfer, user setting, etc. You shall download an APP and set up 2FA Code Verification Registration in your mobile phone first. After that you will be required to input the password showed on your mobile to implement the specific function. The password will automatically change per several seconds.

T. Management of User Information

User Information is to be managed subject to the KYC policy ANDEX solely determines.
User agrees that ANDEX reserves the right to run all its business activities, including outsourcing management of User information to a third party in accordance with the KYC policy stated above.
You agree that ANDEX will disclose its User information when there is any request from UN, court verdict, or legal authority.
Users are to strictly protect information such as Username, Login Password, and Withdrawal Password. Also, they are not allowed to disclose such information to ANDEX certified Official Agents, imove customer support or any other third party.
When logging into the imove platform, ANDEX may freeze the User’s imove services if the User multiple times uses faulty Username or Password. Should this happen, just contact customer support for re-activation.
Should Users lose their own Username, Login Password or Withdrawal password or those of others, notify ANDEX immediately and request ANDEX freezing. Then Username, Login Password and Withdrawal Password will be issued again to your registered Email address.
ANDEX does not have any liability to cover for loss or damages incurred before the completion of these necessary procedures, unless there is deliberate or critical delinquency on the part of ANDEX.

U. Money-in Solution

ANDEX reserves right to restrict the territory, settlement currency, Money transfer channel, the lowest amount and the highest amount of settlement under the nature of Money-in Solution, the authority policy, provider's requirement and applicable laws.
User acknowledges and agrees that it shall bear all fees and charges occurred from the solution, including but not limited refund fee, chargeback fee, settlement fee, bank handling charge and transaction fee. If any fee showed on the imove platform is different from the real charged fee, ANDEX reserves the right to audit the fee and correct it according to the audit report under applicable laws and regulations. User agrees that the audit report of ANDEX is prevail.
User shall be responsible in ensuring all transaction-related information, such as, imove number, reference number, and all other essential information to the Money-in solution is corrected and complete. When depositing money into imove account, the remittance bank account can only be selected form the bank information verified by ANDEX in advance. If the remittance account belongs to the third party, you shall submit the third party’s KYC documents and other relevant documents required by ANDEX. ANDEX will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage due to incorrect or insufficient information.
User shall cautiously keep the certificate of withdrawal and not disclose to other person; in case of User cannot get money due to the lost the certificate of withdrawal, ANDEX shall not take any responsibility for that.

User agrees that it shall comply with the terms and conditions of payment processing service demanded by provider under applicable laws and regulations.

V. Dispute Resolution

Any and all disputes arriving under this Terms and Conditions shall be resolved by the court where the location of ANDEX’s registration address is. All disputes hereunder shall be governed by the laws of Georgia. All parties of this Terms and Conditions consent to the jurisdiction of Georgia.

W. Other Notes


Users are to comprehend the risks of marginal gain or loss within imove, since it is a multi-currency account and therefore it is affected by foreign exchange rates fluctuations. Users are to consent to imove’s decision that their imove accounts are not to be protected under any applicable laws and regulations with regard to the fluctuations of exchange rates.

Trade Limits

imove reserves the arbitrary right to stop or limit the imove service for Users depending on rapid market fluctuations or global economic volatility. imove has no liability to Users (to cover) for any loss or damages incurred in this such cases.


Taxes, if any, imposed by legal taxing authorities on the use of the imove platform, however designated or levied against money transfer, currency exchange or funds stored therein, shall be paid by the User.

imove’s Official Website

imove will supply Users with information on foreign exchange rates, interest rates, and other financial issues, and is intended as general references, only. This information shall not be regarded as recommendations or assured trade guidelines.


This Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with the plain English meaning of its terms.

On March 14, 2019